Why are gays queers getting so much coverage

Feby 8, 2020
why are gays queers getting so much coverage

why are gays queers getting so much coverage

ELI5:Why does it seems as if almost every show on T.V. have a gay couple or have a gay character in it now, 19+ popular T.V. shows currently are LGBT friendly and counting.

This begs the unanswered questions why is the subject so popular with mainstream media and why are Gays so prominent in cultural influence peddling professions like the theatre where most people are Gay or bi-sexual (bi-sexuality is one a marker for psychopathic behaviour).

 · The Older Generation to Young Gay Men: "Why the Fuck Are You Complaining?" Yes, Trump sucks. But at least all your friends aren't dying.

 · J. Bryan Lowder, Outward editor, New York City: I am terrified, but not so much of Trump’s administration directly. I am hoping against hope that his relative lack of interest in LGBTQ issues ...

There's Something Queer about That Face. Without being aware of it, most people can accurately identify gay men by face alone

 · America Is Becoming A Homosexual Nation. Roosh Valizadeh October 1, 2013 . Culture; 284 Comments. ... Just look at the countries where gay marriage is legal — gays aren’t getting married. Our society shouldn’t redefine marriage just so a small minority of the population can feel better about their deviancy. ... When society has so much ...

 · Queers vs. Conservative Christians. By Rod ... and there are many Christians who will never approve of gays, no matter how much acceptance and tolerance they extend to gays. ... I respect so much ...

 · Working Against Equality: A Closer Look at Queers Who Oppose Gay Marriage April 22, 2011 by Adam Polaski 19 Comments Same-sex marriage is the one issue all …

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) was magic. In its way it was socialism in action, changing the hearts and minds of those affected by it in a revolutionary way. Through solidarity in struggle it brought out a myriad of talents and strengths of ordinary working class women and men.

why are gays queers getting so much coverage